New Century Air Center Administration Building Renovation

The New Century Air Center Admin Building is the home of the Johnson County Airport Commission in Gardner, Kansas, Rose Design Build has undertaken a three-year phased design project to completely renovate the 1941 administration building. This building was originally constructed for the United States Navy during World War II and served as the commanding officers’ headquarters. The renovation and restoration of the project included the main entry lobby and the south wing of the building. The design intent was to restore the main lobby and south wing to its original 1941 Art Deco style of architecture while creating a modernized layout with contemporary amenities. The renovation included executive offices for the Joco Airport Commission, Director of the Airport, Security, airport operations, head of airport commission maintenance, a board room for commission meetings, a redesign of the MEP system to accommodate the new space layout and bringing all electrical and plumbing up to code. During the restoration of building our team uncovered hidden historical pieces such as doorways and paint colors. The original building housed the commanding officers who conducted flight training simulations for carrier landings due to the air winds being like those on flight carriers. Through discovery the team found photos of the commanding officers, NCO and second in charge photos showing walls painted with banding, light fixtures and furniture. Kelly Langford with KHL Interiors took inspiration from these photos to replicate the interior and made it more contemporary restoring the original intent with custom light fixtures in the Lobby.
Project Data
Project Name New Century Air Center Administration Building Renovation
Location GARDNER, KS
Size Varies
Team Morgan Rose, Mike Massey, Andrew Pemberton, Chris Herre

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