What is Design-Build and Its Benefits

Recent studies have shown that about 72% of construction projects experience delays. It usually results in a 38% increase in contractual duration compared to the original plan.

Construction projects, whether residential or commercial, comprise several teams working together to achieve completion. Most of the time, these delays result from conflicts between these teams. Miscommunication during the design and planning phase, as well as the building and construction proper, can result in missed deadlines at the very least.

Fortunately, there is a better way to avoid such issues with the use of a Design-Build approach. In a nutshell, this model helps ensure that the design and build teams work together. While they may be separate entities, they are all moving in the right direction and with great synchronization.

Companies that got used to the Design-Bid-Build process may not be too keen about switching to the Design-Build approach. As such, we provide a crash course on how Design-Build works and the benefits it brings.

Definition of Design-Build

Design-build offers an excellent alternative to the traditional construction delivery method of separately granting contracts for construction and design. Here, the owner, designers, contractors, and subcontractors all work as a team rather than blaming and pointing fingers at each other for every tiny detail.

Since the goal is to complete the project on time, everyone concentrates on their tasks while collaborating and communicating with the team. As a result, the project satisfies or even exceeds the client’s expectations.

Difference with Traditional Design-Bid-Build

Projects traditionally have used the Design-Bid-Build method, which involves a separate contract for the design and construction team. As the owner will have to work with two teams, it is much more complex and challenging than Design-Build. Since two teams are accountable for the project, it may cause issues along the way.

Having the architect and contractor on separate teams in the Design-Bid-Build approach can be a disadvantage because they may blame each other instead of cooperating to find a solution in case a problem arises.

On the other hand, everyone is part of a single team in the Design-Build method. Therefore, each member bears the same degree of accountability throughout the project.

Benefits of Design-Build

Most of the time, the Design-Build team members had already worked with one another on a previous project so they are aware of how each other performs tasks and already work well together. It makes the process more efficient and leads to successful project completion.

The Design-Build method has the following benefits:

  1. Effective communication: The team can easily and quickly communicate with one another, helping speed up the entire process and improve the project timeline.
  2. Tailor-made solutions: Instead of producing prototypical replications, the team can create customized products.
  3. No limitations in conducting business: There are no geographical or physical boundaries impeding the project timeline.
  4. Integrity and accountability: With the Design-Build approach, the company is entirely responsible for everything involved in the project.
  5. Shared vision: Conflicts are less likely to arise throughout the project duration if a single team handles everything. With the Design-Build method, everyone in the group has responsibilities that align with a shared goal. Thus, it results in better teamwork and project outcome.
  6. Excellence in both fields: There is no need to hire separate firms for design and construction because the members of a Design-Build team are experts in both areas. Contributing their expertise and collaborating effectively with one another will benefit the client and result in a better project outcome.

Implement An Efficient Design-Build Approach

Construction projects can be completed on time and stay within the budget with a Design-Build approach. It unifies everyone, regardless of their designated task, into one cohesive team. Construction companies in Kansas City can rely on Rose Design Build, Inc. to use the Design-Build approach in their project.

Contact us today, and we will provide you with the most efficient way to complete your project.

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