Drone Use in Construction: When to Use Them, Why You Should

Drones are quickly becoming a staple in the construction industry. From surveying land to monitoring progress on-site, drones prove their worth on many levels. But when is the right time to bring a drone for a construction project? And more importantly, why should you use them? Learn when and why drones make sense for commercial construction projects.

A Look from Above

Drones do a variety of tasks in construction, but they’re most commonly used for surveying land and monitoring progress on-site. For large construction projects, drones can provide a bird’s eye view that would otherwise be impossible to obtain. This overview can help spot potential problems, such as safety hazards or site areas that are not progressing as planned.

Tyler Hiatt, Vice President of Design for Rose Design + Build, says this bird’s eye perspective on the project also can serve as a marketing tool. 

“Clients like to see a building pop into existence through a time-lapse video,” he says. 

Additionally, Hiatt says drones allow a project manager to monitor a project remotely. Builders often have project managers and superintendents who need to manage more jobs than one, and drone access gives those employees real-time access to all project areas from home, the road, or a different construction site. 

Inspection Help

In addition to their usefulness in surveying and monitoring, drones can inspect completed work. Using a drone is especially helpful when it would be difficult or dangerous for a human to access an area, such as the roof of a tall building. By using a drone to inspect these parts of a site, construction companies can save time and money while ensuring that the work meets all safety and quality standards.

Que the Drone

When is the right time to use a drone on your construction project? The answer may vary depending on the specific project, but there are a few general guidelines.

1. Beginning of the Project

Drones can survey the land and create a detailed site map. This information develops an accurate construction plan or identifies any geographical constraints or issues that could present a problem.

2. Middle of the Project

During the construction process, drones are helpful in monitoring progress and identifying potential problems. And as Hiatt mentioned, to help keep eyes on projects even when an employee can’t be physically present. This keeps deadlines and timelines intact.

“It adds a whole new perspective on the project,” Hiatt says. “This can help identify a problem area that might not be visible from the ground.”

3. End of the Project

Finally, drones can inspect the work and ensure it meets all standards.

Get Started with Rose Design + Build

While the decision of when to use drones may vary from project to project, the benefits of drone use are clear. By using drones, construction companies can save time and money while ensuring high safety and quality. So, if you’re considering using drones on your next construction project, keep these guidelines in mind.

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